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Benefit Eligibility Tracking

Tracking benefit eligibility for your employees has never been more complex… and never has accuracy and timeliness been more important.

Today’s most competitive employers offer varying benefit plans to attract and meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

This means different plans with different rules based on location, age, employment history, current employee status and more. Also, employer plan rules often differ from Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan rules, requiring you to manage the same information multiple ways.

The Who’s Where Solution takes a unique approach to tie together ALL data related to an employee’s eligibility and configures the system to fit YOUR plan rules— no matter how many plan variations you offer or payroll systems used.

The Who’s Where Solution accommodates and supports:

  • Multiple locations using different payroll systems
  • Multiple and varying plan rules
  • Managing eligibility for health plan and ACA rules
  • Consideration of employee enrollment history
  • Actionable alerts and notifications regarding offers, waivers and exceptions

Payroll and Benefit Eligibility Product Sheet

There’s a cost attached to eligible employees not enrolling.
Failure to comply with ACA eligibility and reporting requirements related to offers of coverage can be costly — resulting in penalties and fines. Missed retirement enrollments can lead to penalties, retroactive contributions and payment of lost interest.


“A valuable tool for parishes to manage employee benefit obligations.”


Simplify your employee benefit eligibility tracking and be confident you’re in compliance with your plan rules.

Schedule a demo and learn how the Who’s Where Solution can be configured to your specific plan rules and reduce your risk.

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