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Charitable Contributions

National and special collections are integral to carrying out the mission of the Catholic faith. Managing them doesn’t need to be time-consuming or difficult.

When it comes to the collection of charitable donations, you need best practice solutions to reduce your risk and increase participation. Transparency and accountability are key to confident and responsible fiscal management.

The Who’s Where Charitable Contributions Solution was created to support the national collections activity of Catholic Dioceses ― ensuring best practice applications to reduce risk, save time and increase parish participation.

The Who’s Where Solution is an easy-to-use system to help Catholic dioceses consolidate and manage donations to facilitate submission of funds to the national office. Through a dashboard, administrators promote, monitor and take action on collections, creating an accurate and transparent record.

The Who’s Where Solution accommodates and supports:

  • Honoring donor intent by ensuring funds reach the intended charitable organization
  • Efficient tracking and management of national and special collections
  • Increased participation at the parishes
  • Electronic funds transfer of contributions from parishes
  • Calculation of % of funds that may be retained locally
  • Financial audit best practices and requirements
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National Collections Product Sheet

The “One Church, One Mission” guidelines for administering USCCB national collections in Catholic Dioceses calls for the “highest level of transparency and accountability in all national collections activity.”

Dioceses that manually manage the administration of these collections risk possible error, theft or fraud ― or, at a minimum, the perception of poor fiscal management. Best practice accounting honors the stewardship of faithful servants.

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Reduce your risk and increase participation by automating your charitable collections administration process.

Schedule a demo to learn how the Who’s Where Solution puts your stewardship resources back into stewardship.

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