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Payroll Data Aggregation

It all starts with payroll data…

…calculating employee benefit eligibility, timely enrollment notifications, benefit contribution funding, employee census, tracking and ACA reporting.

Employers with multiple payroll systems, locations or EINs know the headaches associated with consolidating payroll data to support HR and benefit administration operations.

Who’s Where makes the complex process of aggregating ALL your payroll data simple — no matter how many (or which) vendors you work with.

Then we give you the tools to easily identify exceptions (those items that need your attention) and the means to take action, without moving to a different system.

Payroll and Benefit Eligibility Product Sheet

The Who’s Where Solution accommodates and supports:

  • Employees working in multiple locations
  • Employers with different payroll systems
  • Data validation— avoiding problems down the road
  • Identification and reconciliation of multiple SS#s due to data entry error
  • Employment history, including rehire and termination dates, eliminating double entry
  • Any payroll vendor (or manual payroll entry, if needed)

“We could never have managed the ACA compliance reporting without Who’s Where’s payroll aggregation system. Diocesan wide, we were simply not set up to manage such an endeavor.”


You know your payroll data aggregation problems.
We know how to solve them.

Contact us to schedule a demo so you can see how the Who’s Where solution can save your organization valuable time and effort.

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