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Prevent Unfunded Liabilities with Who’s Where

Tracking retirement eligibility is a full-time job. Just ask YWCA administrators who spend hours, even days, calculating eligibility and managing enrollments.

That’s why we’ve developed a fully automated risk management solution that significantly cuts down on the valuable time spent on this complicated task. Developed in cooperation with the YWCA Retirement Fund, Who’s Where streamlines tracking and reporting processes by integrating with your existing payroll system. As a result, real-time retirement eligibility information is a simple mouse click away.

Streamlines Efficiencies

Sends contributions/data to Retirement Fund within minutes.

Take Control

If you spend countless hours determining eligibility, Who’s Where can help. This innovative tracking solution was designed specifically for YWCA’s to reduce the amount of time and energy you invest on this monthly task. Even more, the application’s unique budget forecasting tools can help you stretch your spending, allowing you to create meaningful programs for the women and families you serve.

Payroll Integration

Who’s Where is compatible with popular in-house and outsourced payroll systems, including:

  • Red Wing
  • Paychex
  • Paycor
  • Great Plains
  • Ceridian
  • CCC
  • see more…


you face


we serve

“We implemented Who’s Where from Points North because tracking over 130 employees manually was becoming too large of a task. The implementation process was easy and the training provided by Points North was extremely helpful. Since using Points North we have identified over 3 employees that were missed by our old tracking system. Who’s Where has saved me over 12 hours each month and the accuracy of the system is one of the greatest benefits. I would encourage other YWCA’s to utilize Who’s Where because it will save time and cut down on errors.”

Dwayne Hawkins – YWCA Asheville

“When we heard about Who’s Where tracking solution from Points North it sounded too good to be true. After the implementation process the program was easy to understand and worked exactly as described…it was perfect. The accuracy of the software is the greatest benefit. I would encourage other YWCA’s to embrace Who’s Where because it is a huge time saver, I can’t believe any one wouldn’t do it.”

Merrily Dixon – YWCA Fort Dodge

“We implemented Who’s Where because we heard from other Y’s that it was a helpful tool for tracking employee’s eligibility. The support we received from Points North was excellent. We are tracking 70 employees; Who’s Where makes it easy to track the part time employees and ensures no one is missed. Since implementing Who’s Where I have saved over 4 hours each month. The greatest benefit of Who’s Where is knowing that everyone who is eligible are not going to be missed. I would encourage other YWCA’s to embrace this tracking tool because it saves time and is very accurate.”

Janet Schillner – YWCA of Jamestown

“The implementation process was fast and the training for the product provided by Points North made the process extremely easy. We are tracking over 50 employees including part time employees. The biggest help was keeping track of the part time employees. I used to have to track the employees manually which was a cumbersome experience. Who’s Where has eliminated this task and has saved me over 2 hours each month. I would recommend other YWCA’s to embrace this product because the tracking system is accurate and ensures that everyone is enrolled on time without problems.”

Sharon Carr – YWCA Lake County

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