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ACA Reporting

Don’t lose sleep worrying about IRS-imposed tax penalties related to ACA compliance and reporting.

You can rest easy knowing all regulations and tracking rules associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are built into our system — taking the worry and the complexity out of ACA reporting. Measurement periods, safe harbor rules, service breaks and special leaves, change in status, variable-hour positions, employees working in multiple locations and other employment situations create a complicated and often confusing process that Who’s Where simplifies in THREE STEPS.

ACA reporting is here to stay.
While the name (or party in power) may change, the reporting associated with the ACA is likely to be around long-term. ACA reporting provides the government useful employer and plan data — which most experts agree is too valuable to give up. In addition, any future subsidies will likely be determined by reporting.

The Who’s Where ACA Reporting Solution takes the complexity out of calculating, monitoring, reporting and documenting ACA compliance. Our actionable dashboard flags all potential compliance issues, allowing employers to proactively ensure employees are offered coverage and that the coverage is affordable — greatly reducing the risk of penalties.

Supports your level of need. Our dashboard supports employers who need a solution to track and calculate employee status under complicated circumstances. It also supports those who simply need to generate 1095 forms and those who have self-funded plans that need the 1095-B form.

Using your payroll and benefits enrollment data, our system:

  1. Handles all calculations using the “look-back” and monthly measurement methods for new and ongoing employees
  2. Populates the 1095-C form with the correct codes (48 possible valid combinations for Lines 14 and 16, alone)
  3. Validates all data before formatting into an IRS-specified format
  4. Enables one-click 1094 e-filing
  5. Tracks form reporting status and dates for easy documentation at the employee, location and organizational level

Who’s Where supports IRS corrections. If the IRS returns an “Accepted with Errors” or “Rejected” status, Who’s Where helps you quickly and easily identify the record(s) and the reason(s) for the error. If you receive an IRS 226-J letter advising of possible penalties, the Who’s Where Solution allows easy problem identification and resolution.

The Who’s Where ACA Solution supports and accommodates:

  • Multiple location employers and multiple EINs
  • One-click calculation of employee-only coverage to meet affordability requirements; flagging employee salaries that need review
  • Easy online review and printing of 1095 forms (one at a time or consolidated)
  • Calculations based on both plan and ACA rules
  • Historical record repository (from the initial use of our system)

ACA Reporting
Product Sheet

Be confident in your compliance with the Who’s Where
3-step process:

Step 1:

Analysis & Modeling

Know where your organization currently stands, see how ACA impacts your business and choose a course of action to minimize liabilities.

Step 2:

Decision Making & Documentation

Make decisions on coverage, measurement, administrative and stability periods based on a plan of action derived from comprehensive analysis and documentation of your company’s strategy.

Step 3:

Implementation & Monitoring

Put your ACA plan into action and then use the ACA reporting dashboard to monitor compliance for all applicable employees and take action on exceptions stemming from changes in salary and hourly activity. Use monthly reports to prepare for IRS reporting and audits.


“Anyone responsible for handling compliance with the Affordable Care Act knows the complexity of the law and accuracy required for the information called for by the IRS.  Who’s Where really streamlined the process for record-keeping and reporting for me.”


No penalties and peace of mind.

That’s what you can expect using our solution to manage your ACA compliance and reporting.

Schedule a demo to see how the Who’s Where ACA Reporting Solution can significantly reduce your risk of IRS penalties compared to spreadsheet tracking, manual calculations and data entry.

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