ACA Eligibility Tracking

Minimize your ACA compliance risk and avoid costly penalties using the monthly status reports, including consolidating hours for employees who work for multiple employers of an Aggregated Applicable Large Employer.

ACA Reporting

Simplify year-end completion of the IRS 1095 and 1094 reporting and IRS electronic filing.

Access Payroll and Employee Data from Individual Locations

Consolidate data from various payroll, HR, and benefits systems into a data warehouse for benefit and compliance reporting, such as Worker’s Compensation.

Benefit Eligibility Tracking

One-stop solution for eligibility tracking, plan funding, and plan reporting, including remittance files for plan record keepers.

Tailored to Your Needs

Tools and services designed to support your business strategy and benefit plans.


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Solving Challenges

for your organization

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ACA Reporting

Start planning for ACA compliance now and solve these challenges with ACA planning and compliance tools from Who’s Where.

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Eligibility Tracking

  • Automate complicated employee eligibility rules
  • Ensure eligible employees are enrolled
  • Track employees who work in multiple locations
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Administrative Fees

Reduce manual input

Consolidate data

Manage data from different payroll applications

Automate reporting

Automate funds transfer

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Plan Funding

Forecast funding requirements

Track fund payments

Automate funds transfer

Manage cash flow

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Report Automation

Exception reports

Monthly reports

Annual reports

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Collections Risk Management

  • Create accountability and transparency
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Simplify and speed up special collections
  • Review donations over time
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"A valuable tool for parishes to manage employee benefit obligations. At the same time, it's a tool for me to manage/evaluate risk and cash flow. All the locations have become more interconnected, accountable and efficient as a result of this project."

Franz Hoefferle - CFO

Catholic Diocese of Duluth, MN