Looking for a SOLUTION to the data aggregation needed for Employee Benefit and Affordable Care Act eligibility requirements?

The complexities associated with employee data aggregation for ACA reporting, benefit eligibility, and benefit enrollment eat up valuable time and resources and are a general source of frustration for many employers — especially those with multiple locations, multiple payroll providers and varying benefit plan rules.

Who’s Where provides you with the tools to easily consolidate, automate, communicate and manage employee data for benefit and ACA eligibility — regardless of how many various payroll and plan providers you work with.

Learn how we customize Who’s Where for your unique ACA reporting, payroll consolidation, benefit eligibility and enrollment needs.

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ACA Reporting

Simplify ACA Tracking and IRS reporting.


Payroll Data Aggregation

Aggregate employee data from various payroll systems.


Benefit Eligibility Tracking

Automate tracking of employee benefit eligibility.


Benefit Contribution
Invoicing and Reconciliation

Manage employee and employer benefit plan contributions.


Client Testimonials

John Bittner – Director of Human Resources
Diocese of Providence

“Complying with the Affordable Care Act was something we were dreading.  However, working with Who’s Where really made it a much smoother process than expected.  I would highly recommend their people and their product.”

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Franz Hoefferle – Chief Financial Officer
Diocese of Duluth, MN

“A valuable tool for parishes to manage employee benefit obligations. At the same time, it’s a tool for me to manage/evaluate risk and cash flow. All the locations have become more interconnected, accountable and efficient as a result of this project.”

More Testimonials