Who’s Where is committed to outstanding product delivery combined with world-class customer service to clients who have a need to consolidate payroll, human resources, and benefit data into a data warehouse for benefit eligibility tracking, ACA reporting, benefit contribution funding, and vendor census and contribution reporting.

Our success is proven by the long-term business relationships we maintain with our clients. There are currently over 3,000 locations (with over 100,000 employees) utilizing Who’s Where for benefit eligibility administration, payroll consolidation, ACA Reporting, and benefit contribution remittance.

Our clients’ benefit plan eligibility rules are individually configured to conform to their plan documents. Each client is assigned a training and implementation manager, who works individually with each organization to design and execute an implementation plan based on the client’s requirements. Our team excels in serving multiple locations with varying payroll, HR, and benefit administration systems, eliminating the headaches typically associated with integrating data from multiple sources.

Who’s Where is a division of Points North, a nationally-recognized software firm that has been developing innovative solutions for a variety of industries since 1994.


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“Michigan Catholic Conference engaged Points North and their Who’s Where product to fill a niche need among our customers.  We brought them on during a time of transition and they were able to adjust to our changing landscape with professionalism and confidence.  Meeting our timeline with development of complex reports was done with ease and requested changes were implemented within a matter of days. Courteous support staff are available with very short hold times and are knowledgeable and helpful.  We are grateful to Points North for their role in our business successes.”

Ryan Bunce, Information Technology Manager

Michigan Catholic Conference

“Our diocese is small, rural, and spread over a large geographical area.  Some of the challenges of these dynamics have been resolved by our business relationship with Who’s Where and it has been a ‘game changer’ for our office! We now have a centralized location to track all of the employees working in the parishes and schools in our diocese.  This allows us to easily track employee status, hours, and benefit eligibility. In addition, we are able to invoice and collect benefit premium payments in real time, saving us time, paper and dollars!

The ACA Reporting process created by Who’s Where is intuitive, and easy to use.  The real time updates, and ability to track ACA eligibility easily and quickly throughout the year help to ease the burden off the ACA process.

The customer service is second to none, with quick response times and more importantly their desire to be innovative and forward thinking.

Thank you…job well done!”

Twila Roman, HR Director

Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD

“First of all, we could never have managed the ACA compliance reporting without Who’s Where’s payroll aggregation system.  Diocesan wide, we were simply not set up to manage such an endeavor.

The enhancements made for the reporting this year will save me literally weeks of work preparing for our year end reporting.  I am most grateful for the work Points North has done to enhance their systems.

The staff and support teams have been most patient and helpful both with implementation and with the tax form preparations.”

Marsha Bartek, Human Resources Manager

Diocese of Lincoln, NE

“Anyone responsible for handling compliance with the Affordable Care Act knows the complexity of the law and accuracy required for the information called for by the IRS.  Who’s Where really streamlined the process for recordkeeping and reporting for me.  I really appreciate patience and knowledge of their technical support team.  They are great to work with.”

David Brook, Chief Financial Officer

Diocese of Alexandria, LA

“When administrative demands exceeded our ability to execute pay consolidation for over 100 entities, Who’s Where provided the solution.  Implementing this software to consolidate payroll, calculate and process retirement plan payments and track hours for ACA reporting solve these issues and provided so much more.  We now have a truer picture of the staffing at our locations.  It’s totally changed the way we think, plan and work.”

Kathleen Thomas – Human Resources Director

Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS

“Complying with the Affordable Care Act was something we were dreading.  However, working with Who’s Where really made it a much smoother process than expected.  I would highly recommend their people and their product.”

John Bittner – Director of Human Resources

Diocese of Providence

“A valuable tool for parishes to manage employee benefit obligations. At the same time, it’s a tool for me to manage/evaluate risk and cash flow. All the locations have become more interconnected, accountable and efficient as a result of this project.”

Franz Hoefferle, Chief Financial Officer

Diocese of Duluth, MN

“Who’s Where eliminates a significant amount of paperwork at year-end and the parish staff saves time – the system notifies us who has become eligible. Our previous provider was charging us 4 to 5 times the amount of Who’s Where to track some eligibility information and the diocese had no hands-on control of the information. This easy-to-use software allows us to quickly view eligibility information for all employees.”

“This solution helped us meet our employee eligibility tracking and compliance initiative, with a one-year return on investment. I highly recommend it!”

Deacon Joseph Braddock, Chief Financial Officer

Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City, MO

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